2015 Campus Network Intellectual Property Rights Prized-Quiz

1. Purpose: To promote the concept of protecting intellectual property rights, the Information Technology Service Center hosts the “Campus Intellectual Property Rights Online Prized-Quiz”. We hope all faculty members and students of NCTU have the knowledge of protecting intellectual property rights through life-oriented quiz and practical prize awards, and can implement this concept in a daily basis.
2. Organizer: Information Technology Service Center
3. Target Audience: All faculty members and students of NCTU
4. Website: http://isipr.nctu.edu.tw
5. Date: From 2015/12/8 9:00 AM to 2015/12/22 9:00 AM (Duration of 2 weeks)
6. Online Quiz: The system randomly selects 40 true-false questions from the intellectual property rights database established by the Information Technology Service Center, providing all faculties and students of NCTU to answer online. Those who get 100 scores are eligible to participate in the lucky draw, and those who do not have all the correct answers can still challenge full scores again to participate in the lucky draw. No matter how many times you answer the quiz, each person has only one chance to the lucky draw.
7. It is planned to hold the lucky draw publicly on December 25, 2015 (Fri.). The time and location of the lucky draw will be announced later.
※Note: Winners of top 3 prizes must be present! If the winner does not present after the roll call for three times, he/she is disqualifies, and we will take the next lottery ball!
8. Prize Awards:
First Prize x1: iPhone 6s 64G
Second Prize x1: GoPro HERO4 Session
Third Prize x1: Sony PS4 500G
Fourth Prize x2: WD Elements 3TB 2.5 inch
Fifth Prize x3: Synology NAS
Sixth Prize x4: SONY Earphones

9. Note:
1) The actual prize may vary, and the Service Center reserves the right to change the prize content, cancel or modify the terms and condition of this event.
2) According to the Tax Act, the winner must pay 10% of the prize value as tax when the prize’s market value is over NT$20,000, and must provide the receipt to the organizer to receive the prize.
3) Members of the organizer are not allowed to participate in this prized-quiz.